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Canoeing is an ideal leisure and recreational sport. On the water in the midst of nature, you have the opportunity to do something for your health or to find a good balance to our otherwise quite stressful everyday life. Our canoeing group - the Monday paddlers runs through all age groups. The motivations for canoeing are very different. Some of them have been active in canoe racing before and now want to get back on the water 1 or 2 times a week. Others have taken a liking to canoeing and simply want to paddle over rivers and lakes.
Our area is the harbour in Dresden Pieschen and the Elbe in the Dresden area. We also organize trips to other areas, such as the Spreewald or the Leipziger Seenplatte.
Canoeing is not so much about medals as it is about kilometres and points that are paddled per season. The effort is rewarded with the badge in bronze, silver or gold.
Just come by on Mondays if you are interested in paddling in the club.

Why don't you come by and paddle?


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